Originally run out of Kevin’s garage in his local Whistler neighbourhood of the same name, Whitegold produced high-end, tailor made, all mountain freestyle snowboards. Despite moving out of the garage and into the factory, the Whitegold company ethos remains unchanged: To provide high-end, high performance all mountain freestyle, freeride and powder snowboards constructed from absolutely the best materials available.

Whitegold snowboards have always offered innovative designs, without gimmicks or frills. Prototype boards are extensively tested in Kevin’s backyard (Whistler) by his friends, mountain guides, and himself before the final versions go to press. Although they include all new materials, the 
Whitegold range has been tested, improved and re-tested to ensure that their flex profiles, laminate layers and extra layups work in harmony to produce boards that perform perfectly.

The result is a range of snowboards that are carefully conceived, diligently designed and skillfully constructed. They are perfect for all types of all mountain and backcountry snowboarding, from the tightest tree runs to the biggest faces.
 Whitegold represents the perfect balance between performance and forgiveness, innovation and reliability, versatility and specialization, not to mention the excellent construction that retains the bespoke flavour that originally defined the brand.

Kevin has provided his uncompromising approach to backcountry and all mountain freestyle snowboarding as well as his eye for detail in snowboard design. Working closely with engineers at Option snowboards Kevin had a great deal of input in designing all of his pro models. This knowledge on both sides of the design process is what really sets Whitegold apart as a rider owned and operated company.