Born In BC

Whitegold snowboards have always offered innovative designs, without gimmicks or frills. Prototype boards are extensively tested in Kevin’s backyard (Whistler) by his friends, mountain guides, and himself before the final versions go to press. Although they include all new materials, the  Whitegold range has been tested, improved and re-tested to ensure that their flex profiles, laminate layers and extra layups work in harmony to produce boards that perform perfectly.

Guide Tested

We're fortunate enough to not only have Whistler as our backyard proving ground, but also Baldface Lodge near Nelson BC. Their guides put more time on their gear than almost anyone else on the planet. Having close ties to this key group of individuals gives us unparalleled access to real-world feedback and R&D.


A true twin with symmetrical shape and flex, the Flyer is designed to turn the mountain in your own personal skatepark.

The Flyer features the slam-back inserts so you can still get into the deep stuff.


The North has a directional shape and flex and is designed for those dreaming of 20cm days off work.

With a large section of camber and only light early rise in the nose, you can still carve up a storm.

North Split

Modelled exactly off the North solid, the North Split is a carbon fiber splitboard for those who need a workhorse in the backcountry.

Plenty of lift, but modest taper so you can still get the job done when the snow isn't 10/10.